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Support by CW P3041DS platform

Question asked by Gennady Freidin on Feb 22, 2015


Hi all,


I work with CodeWarior ver 10.4 on linux. I have no any problem with license (license is valid).


I try to debug platform P3041DS. Connection type is USB TAP. I cannot find in CW program hardware or simulator target template for P3041DS configuration. For PA architecture P3041DS does not exist.


If I choose None(P3041DS dos not exist)  in Template field and try to debug, CW returns:


Error launching eNodeB_Linux_Kernel_P3041_Linux_Kernel_Download


CCSProtocolPlugin : Could not connect to the probe (or other debug link)


[CCS last error: CC config string is invalid ] 


All template files exist on /opt/Freescale/CodeWarrior_PA_10.4.0/PA/PA_Support/Templates/Sources/P3041 directory, but CW doesn’t see them.


Could you help me  to fix these problems?


  1. Allow to CW to support P3041DS template files.
  2. Resolve the problem to connect to probe.


Perhaps the solution to the first problem will solve the second one.


Thanks for support,