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ROM not invoking my iMX6 application from pNOR

Question asked by Victor Damptey on Feb 20, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2015 by SergioSolis

I am trying to boot from pNOR on my iMX6. Application runs under GreenHills. Code has been flashed in pNOR just fine at address 0x08001000.

I see my IVT at 0x08001000, plus all the other setting as described by others and the reference manual. I see same in RAM (DDR3), 0x17001000. So I suspect the ROM copied them there. Next I would expect the ROM to pass control to 0x17002000 where the application is loaded/resides which has a infinite loop, but when I break the code I see is around 0xfc9c area. Anybody knows what the ROM is doing at that address space of 0x1014x->0xfcxx->0x7xxx. Any thoughts as to what could be going on.