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54417 "split" FlexBus chip select

Question asked by Ray Van Vynckt on Feb 20, 2015
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We're developing with a NetBurner MOD54417, using the CS5 chip select and the FlexBus in 8 bit (no burst) mode. The peripheral

will be FTDI's FT232H USB chip in asynchronous FIFO mode. I'm new to the ColdFire, but I think I have it set properly for the bus

mode we want. However, CS5 is asserting twice during a byte write - once in the address setup cycle and once for the data. The

FlexBus specs show it as a single assertion. I'm thinking I must be missing something outside of the usual csar, csmr, and cscr

register setup. I realize I'll have to manipulate the timing a bit with a latch or counter to get the FT232H timing right, but I don't want

to deal with a doubled up chip select assertion as part of that.


NetBurner doesn't meddle with the CS5 signal from the ColdFire, they only have an address latch on board to de-multiplex the bus.  


Register values for CS5:


csar = 0x04000000

cscr = 0x1140; //no CS5 delay, 4 waits (38 ns. CS assertion width)  

csmr = 0x00000001      


Attached is the logic analyzer trace. Cursor D is just to the right of the data becoming valid.


Any feedback on this issue will be greatly appreciated!