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Commutation Table for HD ETPU Function

Question asked by sofaking on Feb 20, 2015

Board: MPC5674




    I currently have a MPC5674F on the MPC567XKIT516-PT and am using Set 3 (for BLDC motors) ETPU functions. I have a commutation table from a three-phase BLDC motor data sheet. The commutation table (Figure 1) relates the Hall Sensors readings to the phases that should be powered in order to commutate the motor. Figure 2 attempts to parse the low to high and high to low transitions and relation to PWM. How do I parse this table into the struct etpu_hd_phase_commut_cmds_t for the fs_etpu_hd_init_3ph120() function, such as what Figure 3 shows? Can you give an example of the first CCW entry from Figure 1?? Thanks.



Figure 1: Commutation Table for a three-phase BLDC motor







Figure 2: Intermediate way to fill in struct struct etpu_hd_phase_commut_cmds_t






Figure 3: Example Commutation table for Phase A from AN2841. This is what I needed for the example motor from Figures 1 and 2.