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Galcore missing for iMX6 in linux-fslc

Question asked by Miroslav Kopecek on Feb 20, 2015

I am working on a project with iMX6 SoM. (iMX6-quad)

I was able compile Qt5 and everything I needed so far, only think bothering me is galcore module.

When i compiled kernel 3.10.17 (linux-imx), all worked fine except some drivers for our board. We have drivers that are supported by manufacturer in kernel 3.14 linux-fslc and therefore I tried to use that.
And at that point everything that uses egl could not find /dev/galcore (e.g. qt examples)  and galcore really is not there as it was in 3.10


Is there anyway how to get it working again ?
I have no idea what and where to change this to get galcore back. Any help is much apreciated


Thanks and have a nice day