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S12XF maximum SCI baudrate?

Question asked by Julian Renz on Feb 20, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2015 by lama

Hi there,


I'm currently developing a module with your S12XF MCU and am wondering what the maximum SCI Baudrate is.

The MC9S12XF512 Reference Manual states, that "SCI baud rate = SCI bus clock / (16 x SBR[12:0])" (page 1038). Assuming a 50MHz bus clock and a SBR value of 0x01, doest that mean, that I get, in fact 50MHz/16 = 3.125 Mbaud datarate?


I'm wondering beacause the maximum I saw in a S12XF sample code is 115200kbaud (Serial bootloader example).



I'm llking forward to hearing from you!

Many thanks in advance!


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