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TSI out of range for waking up K52 microcontroller from VLPS mode

Question asked by annamol alex on Feb 20, 2015
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I am trying to use Touch Sense Input (TSI) out of range to wake up the kinetis 52 micro controller from Very Low Power Stop mode.The following register configurations were done to enable TSI to wake up the controller.

  • GENCS[LPCLKS] was set to 0
  • GENCS[LPSCNITV] was set to 500ms interval
  • GENCS[TSIEN] and GENCS[TSIIE] was set
  • GENCS[STM] was set as 1
  • GENCS[ESOR]  was set to 0
  • GENCS[STPE] was set to 1 to enable TSI in low power modes
  • TSI0_PEN[LPSP] was set to TSI_IN[13]
  • The TSI0_THRESHOLD register was set to 0x00000000

The end of scan interrupt works fine in normal mode. Will the out of range interrupt work in normal mode? My understanding is it will work only in low power mode. Even in low power mode , the OUTRGF flag is never set and the controller is not waking up due to TSI interrupt. The overrun flag gets set and the counter registers are not getting updated. The development environment is IAR and kinetis k53N512 tower kit.


Can out of range interrupt be used for waking up from VLPS mode? Am i doing the configurations wrong? If yes , please let me know the correct register configuration?


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