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SDK ping sample fails on iMX6DL

Question asked by andreas karlsson on Feb 19, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2015 by andreas karlsson

Objectives is the get the ENET driver up and running.


1.  I have an SABRE SD board rev c with an imx6DL

2. I've built the platform SDK with the Sourcery toolchain  , ./tools/build_sdk -clean -t mx6sdl -b smart_device -v c

3. I've run the ping.elf

4. The Link come up

Now here is the porblem

5. I can't see any frames getting sent, it looks like the first thing that happens is that lwIP sends an ARP, but I fail to see that on wireshark

and my laptop from which I try to ping the SabreSD say destination is unreachable.


I've build the LTIB U-boot. From there ping works fine.


WHat can be wrong in the SDK ENET driver?