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somebody has examples to the external connector of phytec cosmic+board vybrid?

Question asked by Daniel Jimenez on Feb 19, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2015 by Daniel Jimenez


I am a student, i am new with the phytec cosmic+ board vybrid (phyCORE-Vybrid/VF6xx SOM (Cortex™-A5/M4))


     - I need to test the adc in expansion connector pin x19-41, x19-42 in rtos mqx, somebody has any example any examples or guide?


     - I need to test the spi port


     - if I can not use the expansion connector adc of cosmic+, I would like to connect an external adc and connect by spi slave, somebody has any examples or guide?


     - i can use a GLCD 128x64 in expansion connector?, somebody has any example any examples or guide?


     -if I can not use a GLCD, I would connect glcd through spi to pic16f877a, i can do?


     - would need to use 2 ports spi, the QSPI serves me?


     - somebody has any example of programs with QSPI?


I would like program the code in rtos mqx, but if you can not, in linux also serves me



Thanks in advance.