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How to update fw via USB: Processor Expert Stack for USB and usage like a folder

Question asked by Massimiliano Sturla on Feb 19, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2015 by Massimiliano Sturla

Hi to all, now I'm developing with K20  (MK20DN512VLL10 in LQFP 100-pin package) before i developed wit FRDM-K64

I heared that on K20 the USB stack will not be update and developed only with KSDK (for uP where KSDK is available).


What I want to do is the Firmware Update via USB flash drive. I have already do in some other application VIA SERIAL (RS232) MODE. What I never did in my past is usa an USB stack.


I have imported, with processor expert, the component "USB_LDD" , i try to add some other component (FSL_USB_MSD_host, FSL_USB_Mouse, FSL_USB_Keyboard, FSL_USB_CDC, USB_Host_CMX, USB_HID_CMX, USB_Config_CMX) but no one seems to be the correct.


What I need is something that allow my firmware to dected if a Memory-Stick is connected and route inside his memory. (The transfer of data is another big  progress and I need FileSystem and many other thing, for now I only want transfer small byte for example!)

Example: I want that the firmware give an event (like timer event in file Events.c) when a memory stick is connected and he can access to the file located in a folder like this "H:\ExampleFolder\ExampleFile.hex" and transfer the first 100 byte


What I must to do? i do not find no-one processr expert method that allow me to do this in USB_LDD and I not find example for my specific uP or other smilar uP that use ProcessorExpert components...!!!


Many thanks,