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How to get LPTMR to use the LPO clock source in Processor Expert?

Question asked by Dominik Fehlker on Feb 19, 2015


I have a project in CW 10.6, using Processor Expert, where a timer should wake up the MCU from STOP (LLS) mode every second. I'm using LPTMR0 as LLWU source, which works fine.

Measuring the current the MCU uses in LLS mode - 0.4 mA - I noticed that the clock source for the LPTMR is not LPO, but actually ERCLK (8 Mhz). I think that this is causing the high current consumption in LLS mode.


How can I get Processor Expert to use LPO as a clock source for LPTMR in order to save some power in LLS mode?


From this picture, the Processor Expert help text suggests that LPO is already used as source for LPTMR.


From this Timing dialog at the bottom of the screen I see that actually ERCLK with 8Mhz is used as a clock source for LPTMR.


Attached are the Processor Expert settings as well.


Do I need to use another MCG mode?


Any hints or suggestions are highly appreciated!


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