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New to CDE - How to add properties like Port and Pins like PE GPIO or BitsIO?

Question asked by Jitesh Patel on Feb 18, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2015 by Michal Zan

Hello all,


I am trying to make my own components with following features for reading the GPIO port/pins on HCS08 series controller:

1) Allows user to select the Port

2) Allows user to select the pins to read - generate functions for reading pin value or whole port with the mask generated automatically

3) Allows user to select the pull resistor - generate functions to enable/disable pull resistor/allows to read the current pull direction (up/down)/function to read the whole port pull mask at once/function to set the pull up or down

4) Allows user to select the interrupt (KBI) - Enable/Disable interrupt and Edge sense


Currently I have tried using the BitsIO and BitIO component but it does not provide all features that I want. I am looking into the inheritance of these component and expand it but till now no success.


If any one can suggest how to add a property like Port which will be selected from the available ports on chosen controller would be a great help.


Also how can we edit the existing components to learn how it is designed without inheritance wizard - like opening the existing PE components.


Thanks in advance