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KSDK V1.1.0 USB compile errors. usb_device_stack_interface.h

Question asked by Matt Lang on Feb 18, 2015
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I have a project in KDS that I am trying to get CDC code running on. Bare metal project. I have compiled and included the linker library for the platform, hal, and usbd libraries. I am getting an "unknown type name" error for all the typedefs in usb_device_stack_interface.h. But all the typedefs are being referenced in usb_class_cdc.h, but the usb_device_stack_interface.h is not included in the file. The CDC demo for the frdmk22 board compiles fine for me.


The errors:



My USB include paths:



The only thing usb_class_cdc.h includes is usb_class.h which includes nothing. Where does it get these typedefs?