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ADC problem with MKE02Z64VLD4

Question asked by Juanma Bailen on Feb 18, 2015
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I'm having a problem with KDS and Processor Expert.


- KDS 2.0.0

- CPU > MKE02Z64VLD4

- Component > ADC


When I click on "Generate Processor Expert Code" it generates ADC.c and ADC.h files. Then I click on "Build Project" and it shows the next error on ADC_Init method:


expected ';' before '}' token


If I check the file ADC.c I find the error: in last line, it misses " ; ".


void ADC_Init(void)


  OutFlg = 0U;                         /* No measured value */

  SumChan = 0U;                        /* Set the counter of measured channels to 0 */

  ModeFlg = STOP;                      /* Device isn't running */

  AdcLdd1_DeviceDataPtr = AdcLdd1_Init(NULL); /* Calling init method of the inherited component */

  ADC_PDD_SetFIFO_ScanMode(ADC_BASE_PTR, ADC_PDD_SCAN) /* Only channel methods are selected. To initiate FIFO only one channel in this mode is needed. */


I'll try to find how to modify basic components, but it's not possible. Erich Styger ( told me that it's not possible to modify built-in components. The only solution is: Generate, then disable Generate and modify manually.


Is it possible to change the component?