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Problems with external Interrupt on MPC8360E MDS

Question asked by Timmo Hellemann on Oct 15, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2007 by Timmo Hellemann
I'm trying to initialize the external Interrupt for the UART interface. But when I set the MSR[EE] bit to 1 I always get a Reset after 60 Seconds. The Watchdog is disabled (SWCRR = 0). The funny thing is, when I set the SIMSR_H and SIMSR_L to zero (therefore, no external interrupt should be recognized), I get an reset nevertheless. Is something connected to the external interrupt pin (inta) which is not decribed in the datasheet (not connected via IPIC)?
Another Problem is, when I setup the UART Controller for the received data available interrupt (ERDAI) and after that I send a character to the controller, I get a reset too. Normally the Core should jump @ 0x0500, but the code which is placed there seems to be never executed.
I hope somebody can help me