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IMX6 Solo Reference Design.

Question asked by Sanjay Shekar on Feb 18, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2015 by Luis Casado

Hello Freescale,

        We are looking to use Imx6 solo as our solution for one of our customer product.


Below are few queries I have.


1. Do we have any reference design for Imx6 Solo in specific??

2. Imx6 Solo and Imx6 solo lite are pin compatible ??

3. Can we use Imx6LELK as the reference design and replace  Solo lite with Solo SOC or any other suggestion?? (of course with some required changes.)

4. How would we check if the BSP supports the required Codecs?? Like for example for kitkat BSP available from freescale, if we need "xyz" codec, if kitkat supports it and also the processor does, can we say that the BSP available from freescale has this codec support??  


your support is appreciated and will help us is proceeding further for a decision