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PWM Component Sharing - ConnectPin()

Question asked by abhiembedded on Feb 17, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2015 by Adrian Cano



I am trying to setup a program that outputs a PWM signal but also has the ability to hold the signal on the same pin high or low 'manually'. The PWM is working fine, and I can disable it to simply hold the output low. However, the KL25 does not let me set the output as high. Therefore, I wanted to use a BitIO component to set the pin to high. I can add this component and it appears to work, using pin sharing.


However, the PWM component doesn't have a ConnectPin() method, so can't connect the pin back to the PWM output - it just stays stuck to the BitIO. I am using a PWM high level component. I see that the LDD has a ConnectPin method, but this is not available in the high level component.


I can use a PWM LDD directly, instead of the high level component, but I do not understand the arguments that need to be passed to the ConnectPin() function for the PWM LDD, what should the pin mask be?


Could someone help with how to achieve this...