Doug Turnbow

J199 labels are misleading on FRDM-K64F Quick Reference Card

Discussion created by Doug Turnbow on Feb 17, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2015 by Jorge_Gonzalez

FYI the pin labels are next to the wrong pins for J199 on the Quick Reference Card for the FRDM-K64F.

This is the red & white card that comes as part of the packaging for the Freedom board.


The J199 connector is shown in one image (Figure 1) with an arrow pointing to it from a label "Add-on BT Module JY-MCU BT Board V1.05"

The other image (Figure 2) shows labels for each pin (1-P3V3, 2-GND, 3-PTC14, 4-PTC15) but the label for pin 1 is next to pin 4 and vice-versa.