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an2295 Version 9.2.1 GUI source code?

Question asked by Doug Paulsen on Feb 17, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2015 by Pedro Augusto Panecatl Salas

*Does anyone know where the source code is for the famous AN2295 version 9.2.1 boot loader GUI is located?

The version 9.2.1 consists of two parts:  (1) the "Bootload Control.exe" GUI and (2) the hcs08sprg.exe backend.  The source for the hcs08sprg.exe back end may be found here:


I have modified the hcs08sprg.exe to handle some rather more exotic bootloading which require additional input parameters..  For my debug, I have abandoned the GUI "Bootload Control.exe" and used debug features of Visual Sutdio to supply my custom hcs08sprg.exe with the needed additional parameters..  


All is working quite well except that I I find it necessary to publish my test tool for others to use.  As these users don't have Visual Studio, I now find I need to modify the "Bootload Control.exe" to allow independent users to select and enter additional parameters. 


The source for "Bootload Control", however, is not included in the above Zip package.  It would obviously be helpful if I didn't have to totally re-invent this front end.


As an aside, I've found two AN2295 version 10 packages.  Those do include the equivalent of hcs08sprg.exe, but those are for a later version of Visual Studio which I do not have.


Thanks for any pointers!