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Will there be a Freedom board for Kinetis K50, K51 or K53 ?

Question asked by Chad Williams on Feb 17, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2015 by Jorge_Gonzalez

I have looked at the Kinetis K50, K51 & K53 processors and they appear to be a good match for

instrumentation applications which is my area of interest.


The 16 bit ADC's with PGA's and the onboard Opamps and DAC's  would be very useful

in producing low component count / low cost products.


However I have not been successful in finding a selection of evaluation boards for this

series other than the Tower Module TWR-K53n512 which uses the high end K53 in a BGA package.

There is some modules such as the MED-EKG module that can plug into the TWR-K53

but there is no FRDM-K50 or FRDM-K51.


Will there be more boards in future based on this series ?