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Question on AC97 interface

Question asked by Dan Kendall on Feb 17, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2015 by alejandrolozano



I am looking to connect a Wolfson WM9712 audio codec, which uses the AC97 AC-Link connection, to the Vybrid processor's SAI peripheral.  I have not used this interface before, but I've put together my best guess on what the pin connections should be.


(Vybrid) SAI_TX_DATA -> SDATAOUT (Wolfson)

(Vybrid) SAI_RX_BCLK <- BITCLK (Wolfson)

(Vybrid) SAI_RX_DATA <- SDATAIN (Wolfson)

(Vybrid) SAI_TX_SYNC -> SYNC (Wolfson)

(Vybrid) Any I/O -> RESETB (Wolfson)


Any help verifying this pinout would be great.