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MQX Lite, KDS 2.0 & KSDK 1.1 - Serial Port Receiving Data

Question asked by wayneburnett on Feb 16, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2015 by dave408

Let me start by saying I am new to Freescale. Using this document How To: Create an MQX RTOS for KSDK project with Processor Expert in Kinetis Design Studio IDE I was able to get a project working with my FRDM-K64. I am now trying to get Bluetooth working with an adapter on UART4. Using PE I can I add the flsl_uart component and get it to send data to a Terminal emulator running on my PC. The problem is I can't get the K64 to receive data. Debugging it does enter the callback function when I press a key but then crashes on exit. I don't know how to configure the interrupts in PE. The warnings and tips indicate that MQX requires that an interrupt be installed and that a custom handler should be written. I can't find any information about this or even better a working example. The examples I can find appear to be for older versions of PE and I don't have the same component options.


The warning if interrupts are not turned on:

Warning: MQX OS needs install component interrupt service rountines (Install interrupt)


The hint for the handler:

Note: The routine must handle all interrupt flags correctly. The routine must be implemented in the user code, it is not generated by Processor Expert. Find external prototypes of the ISRs in the component module header file.