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How to build a execute file in Eclipse or Processor Expert Soltware for IMX6_Sololite?

Question asked by lin fox on Feb 15, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2016 by Luis Casado

Dear All:

I have a question and help someone can help to me.

1. I have a Freescale IMX6 sololite evk which contain a EBook module.

2. I can build a .elf file successful in linux environment like ubunt 12.04. (Base on IMX6_SDK)

3. Today, If I wan to build the .elf file in windows host.

    How can i do?

4. I had download the Process Expert Software and CodeSourcery in windows host and setup successful.

    How can i set it for imx6-sololite?


If someone have this experience in it, please kindly introduce to me and thank a lot.