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I have Tower for Rev1 Kinetis K60 that came out in Codewarrior 10.3 later to 10.6. there is no Debugger or Launch configuration when using KDS on TWR-K60

Question asked by Jeff Sylvester on Feb 13, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2015 by Jorge_Gonzalez

There is No SDK for the TWR-K60N512 and TWR-K60F120 so when I create a new project for these, I do bareboard project and pick processor K60 all that is fine if there is no SDK but when I go to debug, there is no launch configuration.   in codewarrior when you create a project, it ask you up front what connections to use and then sets it all up for you.  it looks like this is missing in KDS...   how do I set up debugger to use OSJTAG that used to be in codewarrior.   also....   for those with a mild form of dyslexia   calling something KDS and another SDK damn near looks the same and is confusing.  Perhaps a different acronym is in order?