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Debugger overwrites flexnvm partitions

Question asked by Stephen Clark on Feb 13, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2015 by Stephen Clark



I am trying to use the FlexRam as an EEPROM on the K64FX512, and I'm running into a problem.


I am able to successfully create the partitions using a Program Partition command.  After this, the EEERDY flag is set, and the values read back from the Data flash IFR match the values that I just wrote.


The problem comes when I disconnect the debugger and reconnect.  Apparently a mass erase occurs and my EEPROM partitions are wiped out.


Code Warrior apparently has an Advanced Options dialog in the Debug Configurations window where you can preserve sections of Flash, but Kinetis Design Studio does not appear to have this feature.


I am using OpenSDA with the FRDM-K64 board to program my own board.  I've been using this setup for about a month and haven't run into any issues.  I tried installing the GNU ARM Eclipse OpenOCD plugin, but did not see any added functionality.  I just upgraded to KDS 2.0, but again didn't see any changes relevant to this problem.


Are there any config files that I can modify so the FlexNVM memory space is preserved?  Is there any way to workaround this limitation?


I'd appreciate any help you guys can give me.


Edit... I wrote OpenSDA instead of OpenOCD