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Strange Processo Expert Error on BitsIO_LDD On K20

Question asked by Massimiliano Sturla on Feb 13, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2015 by Massimiliano Sturla

Goodmorning to All

I'm developing on K20 uP (MK20DN512VLL0) on KDS 2.0.0 and I have configurated some pin-

Now I try to configure 4 pin in a BitsIO_LDD (The module for set more than 1 pin)I s

Pin are: from 42 to 45 (PTA12 to PTA15)

I set port PTA, Output and 4 pins

I select the for pin but PE give me this error:


Pin number differs from requested value: 5 (Pin)UTe-QAnalogInput_Selection/PinProcessor Expert Problem


It is a very strange error...


What it means?

What I can do to solve it?


Many Thanks,