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M52233  CW 6.3 SE floating point libary

Discussion created by John Reynolds on Oct 11, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2007 by John Reynolds
Hi , Im trying to get floating point enabled in my project running on a M52233, using CW 6.3 SE.
In the project menu the floating point option is set to software, being there is no FPU in the chip, but
it is greyed out. The manual say to include the appropriate libary to enable this option. I read though
the help and the CF build tool manual sections dealing with runtime librarys etc, but don't see how to
add/delete librarys. I read in a thread to set the following in
#if !(__COLDFIRE__ == 0x4080 && !__option(fp_library))
////#define _MSL_FLOATING_POINT     0
////#define _MSL_NO_MATH_LIB                    1
#define _MSL_FLOATING_POINT     1
////#define _MSL_FLOATING_POINT_IO    0
 and rebuilt the project, but still get the errors. Is there a document that describes how to go
about this ? I assume the default project is using the * SZ.a libs, which don't support FP. How do
I change this and use the standard type lib ? How do you see what MSL libs are included in your
project so you can add/delete libs ?
 Thanks for any help,