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Clock Configuration and Serial on TWRK60D100

Question asked by clenz on Feb 13, 2015



I am using a TWR K60D100 Tower System. My Goal is to run the System in the normal Run Modes with predefined Clock Configurations.

My Problem is, that when I change the Clock Configuration, with the ProcessorExpert Function


my Serial Output (i.e. the Terminal Output) is messed up. And the frequency of the blinking LED changes.


When i boot in a different Clock Mode, by setting in the twrk60100d.h file the


the serial line works just fine and also the power consumption is less of course.


When I change the clock with the function _bsp_set_clock_configuration(...), the hw timer is adjusted (LED blinks at same freq. for every Clock Config)

but still the Serial Ouput is messed up after the change.


To me it looks like the new Clock Configuration is not properly sent to

the UART Module or updated by it.


Any help would be appreciated.







Hmm finally i found the issue.


When I change the Clock Configuration Mode with _lpm_set_clock_configuration(...); it changes all perfectly.

I have to say that i enabled MQX_ENABLE_LOW_POWER in the user_config.h.


Shouldn't this be covered by Processor Expert so that i can simply drag'n drop the Change Clock Config function?