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Light Weight Message Related Query

Question asked by Utsavi Kalpesh Bharuchwala on Feb 13, 2015
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I am working on CodeWarrior v10.2 and of MQX v4.0.


I am using LWMSG for task communication and for that I am using LWMSG demo of MQX.


But there is a little bit doubt that I want to clear.


My query is,  In demo code time_delay_ticks(1) ; is written. As both task have same priority and lwmsg_receive() function is itself one kind of delay than why one have to put delay by calling time_delay_ticks();??


In my code I am using lwmsg_receive() function. Problem is in a one task it is waiting for receive a msg even without delay function. And for the other task it is not waiting for the message and executing the next code below msg receive. Note that both task in my program also have the same priority.


I need to clear my confusion. can anybody tell me??



Utsavi bharuchwala