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How do I boot and LS1021ATWR development board from an SD Card?

Question asked by Patrick Morrow on Feb 12, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2015 by Sinan Akman

We are currently trying to get an LS1021ATWR development board to boot from an SD Card, but we are having a difficult time trying to figure out what is needed / how to build what is needed in order to do so.


We are currently trying to build our SD Deployment with SDK v1.7, Linux 3.12 and U-Boot 2014.07.


The first thing I think we need help with is building the proper PBL.  We've seen the documentation here: but the CPUs listed aren't necessarily the same as the LS1021ATWR.  Regardless we've tried to follow along as best we can. 


Is "a known good RCW" one of the .bin files found in the /rcw directory under build<machine>release/deploy/images?  We've been using the rcw_1000_sdboot.bin and importing that into an LS1021A QorIQ Configuration project, but when we import rcw_1000_sdboot.bin there are several fields that contain errors.  The following fields are blank and result in an error:


-IFC_MODE under Boot Configuration

-DP_DIV under Clocking Configuration

-OCN_DIV under Clocking Configuration

-IFC_GRP_E1_EXT under Group B Pin Configuration under Pin Multiplexing Configuration


And in the documentation linked to above, there is a field called BOOT_LOC under Boot Configuration, which doesn't seem to exist in the properties of our configuration project.


There are probably many more questions to come, but this is where we are currently stuck.