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I.MX502 Max CS and the memory size

Question asked by Nori Shinozaki on Feb 12, 2015
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I need use 5 CSs to configure CS0(64MB), CS1(32MB), CS2(32MB), CS3(32MB), CS4(32MB) in i.MX502 based system.


In the IMX50RM the page 150, it says,


Off Chip Memories

The supported configurations are


• CS0(128M), CS1 (0M), CS2 (0M),CS3(0M)

• CS0(64M), CS1(64M), CS2(0M), CS3(0M)

• CS0(64M), CS1(32M), CS2(32M),CS3(0M)

• CS0(32M), CS1(32M), CS2(32M),CS3(32M)


However in the latter page, in the "23.2 Featrus".

It says:


• Up to four chip selects for external devices


• Flexible address decoding. Each chip select memory space determined separately, according to VIA port configuration (see Chip Select Memory Map).

Configurable Chip Select 0 base address (by VIA)


• Individual select signal for each one of the memory space defined. Up to 6 memory spaces may be defined and programmed individually.


• 128-bit external address bus, max memory size can be 256MByte (2 Gigabit).


Seems like max 6 memory spaces with 256MB might be possible.


Is it really possible?


Best regards,

Nori Shinozaki