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9131 RDB does not work with ANT2 lanes

Question asked by RC Reddy on Feb 12, 2015
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Hi All,

         it is so pathetic that RF card inserted into LANE2/ANT2 does not work. Everyday my frustration is peaking up. sorry to open up on you guys. the RF card came with RDB does not get configured with rftool,



root@bsc913x:~# /rf-util/rftool -i rf1 -r AD9361R2_TX1A_RX1A_TX2A_RX2A_1950MHz_2

140MHz_Band1_WCDMA.txt --synth_table /rf-util/config/SynthLUT_40_FDD_v2.txt

rf1: Failed to run phy init script



come on Freescale team, dont throw issues/errors on customers. i read thru all documentation, it is no where mentioned as how to configure this.



Please tell me how to configure RF card on ANT2/LANE 2.




RC Reddy