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Question asked by Michel Hebert on Feb 12, 2015
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I would like to have more help on the subject of FlexRAM as EEPROM. I am using a K20DX256 and Kinetis Design Studio (KDS) and I would like to use the FlexRAM + FlexNVM + EEEController to store some data with endurance as a normal EEPROM would be.


From AN4282 : Using the Kinetis Family Enhanced EEPROM Functionality :

“How FlexMemory EEE works

To provide enhanced EEPROM functionality, the FlexMemory uses a RAM block (FlexRAM), a flash

block (FlexNVM), and EEE state machine. When the EEE functionality is enabled, the FlexRAM becomes

your EEE memory. The FlexRAM address space is where you access all of your EEE data. When the EEE

is accessed, the EEE state machine keeps track of the data and backs it up as data records, stored in some

portion of the FlexNVM used as an E-flash. Using a large block of E-flash to back up the data for a smaller

amount of EEE data allows the FlexMemory EEE implementation to offer extremely high endurance.

My guess is I need to access the FlexRAM to access the FlexNVM and from the Reference Manual,  FlexRAM address range = 0x1400_0000 – 0x1400_07FF.


I think I have all the bits configured right in the CPU component of Processor Expert regarding the Flex Memory Settings and the configuration of the ROM/RAM areas in the Build Options tab too.


My trouble resides in the way of writting and reading the data in the FlexRAM, anyone has a clue on how to proceed? And if there are PExp componants already made for this purpose?


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