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Unexpected behavior for HW_CLKCTRL_FRAC0 on i.MX28

Question asked by lategoodbye on Feb 12, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2015 by lategoodbye

According to this discussion


LKML: Stefan Wahren: [PATCH V2 RESEND] clk: mxs: Fix invalid 32-bit access to frac registers


i experience a strange behavior for HW_CLKCTRL_FRAC0 in my custom i.MX28 board.

After applying the patch above and setting IO1FRAC by Linux the IO1_STABLE bit is permanent low.

I didn't find a explanation for that in the reference manual.


What's the reason for this behavior?


Kernel: 3.19

Bootloader: imx-bootlets


Here is a register dump of that situation:


0x80040000: 0x00060000

0x80040010: 0x800004b1

0x80040050: 0x00011001

0x80040080: 0x64000001

0x80040090: 0x00000001

0x800400a0: 0x80000001

0x800400b0: 0x00000002

0x800400c0: 0xa0000001

0x800401b0: 0x5e1b5513

0x800401c0: 0x00929292

0x800401d0: 0x00004104