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Quartz Linux UARTs

Question asked by Ibai Erkiaga on Feb 12, 2015

Hi everybody,


Recently I started working with a devicesolutions quartz development board and I have some issues with the UART ports. I'm using the factory build system (factory-20150202) and I atached my .config (It's quite similar to the default one) file to reproduce the error if someone wants to help me. U-boot uses the UART0 serial port (DB-9 connector) by default and Linux also uses it as the console terminal (ttymxc0), besides the operative system register two more serial ports ttymxc1 and ttymxc3. When I try to write to these ports (both using echo hello > /dev/ttymxc3, or using picocom), the system does not respond and crashes after some time because of a watchdog signaling.


Anyone knows whats going wrong? When booting the board with the default SD card, I can see that it only registers two serial ports (ttymxc0 and ttymxc1) and both are working properly.


Thanks for you support,

Ibai Erkiaga

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