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What is the proper method to create the interface to two IIC devices on one bus using Processor Expert?

Question asked by Norm May on Feb 11, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2015 by Erich Styger

My current product had a Coldfire processor with an accelerometer on the I2C bus and I used the Processor Expert to configure the interface.  It had a target slave address of 0x1C.  (I had a slight problem with the BUSY detection and did a small modification for that, but other than that the code generated by the Processor Expert worked fine.)


Now I have a new design that adds a real time clock to the same I2C bus.  I'm not sure of the correct method to add the new interface.  Do I add a new instance of another InternalII2C component to the current component list with the new device address and indicate the same I2C channel?  Will this figure out that there are two devices on the same channel and perform collision avoidence so they are not both used at the same time and that the registers are set properly to talk to both devices?


Or my other option that I feel more in control is to modify the code created for the Accelerometer to allow for both devices to function.  But this seems to defeat the purpose of the processor expert feature.


I could not find any white papers or documentation on configuring multiple I2C devices using the Processor Expert even though this seems like a common design practice.