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Export Beekit to CodeWarrior - Zigbee for MC13237

Question asked by Min Gwak on Feb 11, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2015 by Min Gwak

I start 'zigbee' solution with MC13237.

I export demo-example from Beekit to codewarrior as below.



1. Could you explain the project (file) structure more detail ?

2. where is the entry point? (as like main.c)

3. BeeStack run on the task, then where I have to locate the each task (functions) ?


so far My understanding is

interface is configuration file for each layer.


BeeApp:  ( 'BeeApp' and 'Zigbee' both contain Zigbee stack ?! )

--ASL           : Application Support Layer

--Configure      :

--HA               :Home Automation Profile

--HC               : ?

--SE               : Security ??

--StackGlobals: Beestack global definition

--ZCL              : Zigbee Cluster Library -- I am not clear about this. Could you explain detail?

--ZDO              : Zigbee Device Object

MacPhy          : IEEE802.15.4 MAC / PHY



--Phy               : It has PHY for MC1323X family. who define specific IC (as like MC13237)?

PLM                 : Platform Module.



--Source          : All peripherals

SSM               :  ?

--TS                    : Task Scheduler

--ZTC                    : Zignbee Test Client

Zigbee               : standard zigbee stack ??