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imx6 Quad core Evaluation Board to purchase

Question asked by Lijo Thomas on Feb 11, 2015
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We are planning to use imx6Quad core processor for application;


Could any one suggest which is the right Evaluation board to procure to start with.


Is the MCIMX6Q-SDP is the right one to start ?


Our requirements are listed down,


Core : Quad


PCIe interface – Required 2 (can provide a PCI bridge if required)


Interfaces required:




UART           - 3 Nos.

SDIO            -> SDIO card Interface /  eMMC Interface

Gigabit Ethernet     -> 10/100/1000 GBE

GPIO           -> Pins with Interrupt Capability/ General IO

Display      -> TFT/ Touch Controller


Thanks & Regards

Lijo Thomas