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KL25Z Keil: Determine Memory Address of Ports

Question asked by james hayek on Feb 10, 2015
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     I am very new to the platform and taking a class with the Microcontroler listed above. Please forgive my simple questions.


I am looking to control the on-board LED's with a pushbutton wired into a solder less breadboard. I know I must enable the clock on a pin, set it as input or output, then write to it. Yet not sure how.


In some sample code I see:

SIM_SCGC5   EQU  0x40048038 ;SIM_SCGC5 address        The control for each ports Clock Gate

I belive this controls the clocks for all pins...



PORTB_PCR18 EQU  0x4004A000 + 4 * 18 ;PORTB_PCR18 address LED Pin for RED

And this should enable B18 to be used.


I want to enable other ports such as PORTB_PCR19 and PORTD_PCR1 but not sure where the address is in memory.

I am assuming PORTx_PCRn is the naming convention for the register at the location 0x4004A000 + 4*18 and the code EQU equated the name with the location.


Yet I can not figure out where to find the memory locations of the other pins. Any advice?




Where can I find this information?