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xgate memory confusion

Question asked by rahul krishna on Feb 11, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2015 by rahul krishna


For S12XEQ512 the details of the memory map are


Flash 512K Address range: 0x78_0000 to 0x7F_FFFF.

RAM 32k Address Range: 0x0F_8000 to 0x0F_FFFF.


Flash 30k: 0x78_8000 to 0x78_0800

RAM: 32k: 0F_8000 to 0x0F_FFFF

If I convert xgate lower flash address 78_0800 in to the local memory map it is E0-0800. So, the PPAGE register is E0 and the local memory is 0x0800.

But the paged flash memory map is valid from 0x8000 to 0xC000. What is this addres E00800?

In prm i found the following address

PAGE_E0_0     = READ_ONLY   DATA_FAR IBCC_FAR  0xE08000 TO 0xE087FF; /* cannot be mapped to XGATE; XGATE sees registers here */

PAGE_E0       = READ_ONLY   DATA_FAR IBCC_FAR  0xE08800 TO 0xE0BFFF ALIGN 2[1:1]; /* is also mapped to XGATE:  0x0800..0x3FFF*/  

But i am not able to find the address 0xE00800. What is the mistake i am doing?


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