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Issues about GPIO debug

Question asked by tony.l.cai on Feb 11, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2015 by tony.l.cai


     Now I want to "cat /sys/kernel/debug/gpio", but I found "debugfs_create_file" was called but didnt reate the path "sys/kernel/debug/gpio",and both the CONFIG_DEBUG_FS and CONFIG_DEBUG_FS are open. but when debugfs_create_file was to create the gpio node, it failed to  create the node. and I want to use the dump_stack to trace, and the dump_stack cannot be used, in another word, it cannot dump the log.

     So, I have the 2 questions: 1. how to create the GPIO node? Can I use mount the debugfs before entering to kernel? where to add the cmd?

2. how to use dump_stack? why cant I dump the log?