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Self reboot of i.MX28 repeated again and again.

Question asked by Hikaru Uruno on Feb 10, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2015 by Hikaru Uruno

Hi Community,


We'd like to know what causes the i.MX28 to reboot automatically.


We tried out DCDC_BATT source only configuration with 3.3V supplied to J86 on the EVK.

Since page 6 of the schematics Rev.A describes that 3.3V source could be used for the EVK, we expected there will be no problem at all.

However, there was a problem.

When 3.3V is supplied to DCDC_BATT and POWER button is pressed, it started to boot.

But as shown in the attached log, it rebooted automatically soon after it started memory test again and again, and it didn't stop until we stopped supplying 3.3V.

When we supplied 3.9V instead of 3.3V, the issue did not occur.

Could anyone please tell us what causes the self rebooting of the i.MX28?


(By the way, we made a custom board with 5V only source configuration and it acted similarly.

In that case, defining NO_DCDC_BATT_SOURCE solved the issue.)


The hardware configuration is as follows;

-Boot device was the SD Card (Part No. 342-00470) which is included in the EVK package.

No other device was attached to the EVK.


-The switches and the jumper were configured as follows;

S1 - BATT (Source of LI-ION_BATTERY)

S3 - OFF

S16 - USB 5V (Source of VDD_5V)

J94 - VDD5V (Source of REG_3V3 and REG_1V8)


-The ac adapter was connected to supply REG_3V3 so we can get log.


Thank you in advance,


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