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Using RTC with KDS, PE and MQX

Question asked by David Pfaltzgraff on Feb 9, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2015 by David Pfaltzgraff

My interest is merely in using the RTC as a Date/Time source and be able to read the current value when needed.. While setting this up, the PE insisted that I need an interrupt handler to keep MQX happy.


If I just put a RTC_DRV_GetDatetime() in the code and print the results, the time does not increment. Figuring that I might need to call RTC_DRV_init(), I put it in there and it appears that I end up in the DefaultISR infinite loop.


Note that the interrupt routine rtcTimer1_irqHandler() has a NULL body and that the interrupt for RTC_Seconds is disabled in PE.


How can I use the RTC as just that in an MQX environment?


Note that this is on a FRDM-K22F board.