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Doubts about iMX6 dual/solo design

Question asked by Ruben Barriuso on Feb 9, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2015 by gusarambula

Hi community,


It the first time that I have to design a PCB based in iMX6.

I am following the design of "SABRE-AI DualLite CPU" card and "MCIMX6DL smart device platform".


My doubts are:

1 - iMX6 control ONOFF pin: I want that the device turns on itself when the I plug the power. I do not sure how this pin have to be connected. In "SABRE-AI DualLite CPU" is NC (only has a test point), so I suppose that this pin have to be NC.


2 - USB OTG on HOST mode: I have read that I can get this goal connecting USB_OTG_ID to ground. My issue is the datasheet does not define any USB_OTG_ID pin. I can see in SABRE design that this pin is connected to ENET_RX_ER,


3 - I do not sure if I have to use ENET_RX_ER pin for Ethernet 10/100 (LAN8720A). In some desigh use, and some not.


Thank you for your help