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Is this i.MX233 design OK?

Question asked by David Shah on Feb 9, 2015

I'm only 17 and I'm relatively new to the world of high speed digital design, so I would be most grateful if somebody with more experience could check over my schematics and PCB designs for an i.MX233 based handheld games console.


The design is split across three PCBs - a 4-layer board with the processor, RAM and LCD; and two 2-layer boards (both the same design and schematic) with the buttons and audio/video jacks. This is to keep the cost of the project down by minimising the size of the expensive 4 layer board. Most of the core design is based on the official reference design and Olimex's Olinuxino designs. A slight deviation from most designs is that I am using 3 AAs, rather than a Li-ion cell for the batteries, and therefore I have an LDO to reduce the voltage to levels which will not damage the processor. The LCD is running in serial RGB mode, which I believe is supported by the processor, it would be interesting to know whether anyone has got this to work before.


I have attached PDF schematics and PCB gerbers for both boards as well as the original KiCad source files.



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