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S12G in 48-QFN

Question asked by Vladimir Gusiatnikov on Feb 7, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2015 by Vladimir Gusiatnikov

I happen to like the QFN. It takes less room (per unit of functionality). I designed a S12GN...FT into a new design for a startup, making sure that parts were in stock.


Now a month later, when it's time for prototype build, they aren't. And when I asked Avnet, here's the answer I got in its almost complete entirety:


"This is a non-stocking item with high min order quantities no recommend for new designs."


Can someone from Freescale possibly comment? In particular, the "no recommend" is truly scary, as it contradicts the celebrated 10-year life program. I very much hope the Avnet rep didn't know what she was talking about, but maybe she did.


Are the GNs not fully rolled out yet? Or is it possibly a packaging-related issue similar to the ITC dispute of 2009/2010, possibly also affecting other parts in QFNs? I have a number of other designs that use the S12P in QFN and would like to know.


I lost my FAE contacts when changing jobs, so can't readily call up someone and try to get an answer.