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K10 and Keil uVision Trace Exception Bug

Question asked by Martin Nichols on Feb 6, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2015 by Hui_Ma

Hi All,


Here's a 'Trace Exceptions' view from Keil uVision5 with a uLink PRO debugger connected to a Kinetis MK10.

The names of the exceptions >16 are wrong! They're 16 greater than they should be.

Taking the first line below: 84 – 16 = 68. From MK10D10.h 68 is PIT0_IRQ.

This is correct. My code has PIT0 interrupting every 256us but doesn't use UART3 at all.

The next line is correct 15 is the RTOS SysTick timer IRQ. (in this case set for 1ms)

The fourth line, labelled as INT_CAN_... is 61-16=45. From MK10D10.h 45 is UART0_RX_TX_IRQn.

Again this is correct. My code uses UART0 IRQs but not CAN0.


I know that Keil uses files supplied by Freescale to support their chips but who's bug is this?

Is this something I can correct in a configuration file myself?


Any help appreciated!