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Debug database index path?

Question asked by Antonio Quevedo on Feb 6, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2015 by Antonio Quevedo

Hello, I am using CW10.6 in a laboratory class at the university. It is running on Windows XP computers, and the IT staff does not like giving access rights to student accounts.


CW is working OK, except when I try to debug. When I start debugging, I get an error stating that CW cannot access debug index database. If I tun CW with the admninistrator account, debugger works OK.


Thus, I know it is a problem with file/folder access rights for the user account. The easiest solution would be to give user account full access to the whole CW10.6 folder and subfolders, but again TI staff prefers not doing that. They want to limit writing access to where it is strictly needed.


So, my question is quite simple: what is the path for the debug database indes in CW10.6?