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qt-5.2.0 camera example is not working

Question asked by SANJEET KARN on Feb 6, 2015
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I am using i.MX6SL based embedded device.

In this device we have gnome(so x11) and we are using Qt libraries for gui.


We are using Qt-5.2.0 on this device.

My problem is, when we are trying to run default camera application(examples/multimediawidgets/camera),

it's not working.

Application is running, even device is detected in "Device" menu as "vivi", but streaming not starts.

I found that in "File" menu, "Start camera" is disabled and "Capture" button of "Image" tab of right panel,

is also disabled.

In "video" tab only "stop" is disabled(i.e. OK), eventhough camera is not streaming.


We have checked camera(h/w) it's fine because we are having other application using v4l2 in Qt-5.2.0,

that is working properly, only default camera application given by qt-example is not working.

so what could be the problem ?


I have posted this issue on qt-forum too, but didn't get any solution.

can you guide me ?