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How to set EIM Lo period of CS and LBA .

Question asked by Takashi Takahashi on Feb 5, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2015 by Yuri Muhin

Dear community.


Our customers have questions about how to set the DDR in the EIM in i.MX6 Dual.

The EIM of registers for setting value was different output waveform of iMX6 actual period.

Would you please comment below.

Registers and settings values is .

EIM_CSnGCR1= 0x0831 00B9 CSREC= 3

EIM_CSnGCR2= 0x0000 1002 ADH=2 

EIM_CS0RCR1= 0x1402 2000 RWSC=20, RADVA=0, RADVN=2, OEA=2, RCSA=0. RCSN=0


Part that timing does not match with the actual measurement is Lo period of CS signal and the Lo period of LBA.


As the calculation method is below.

L period  of CS signal is  RWSC = 20:  7.41ns(133MHz)*20=148.2ns should be a measurement period  is 200 ns.


The L period time of  LBA is WE40A-WE39 = RADVN+1, RADVN = 2, so 7.41ns*3=22.2ns should be measured is 30 ns.


Please instructions register setting is required for Lo period of CS signals and L period of LBA to be any mistakes.

Furthermore, using A/D Muxed Mode for Asynchronous access.

Attachment figure is the measured waveform.